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Inverted horizontal knife

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Yan Xiaodao's hand suddenly moved, and the girl's hand against his temple tightened again. "Don't move!" However, Yan Xiaodao just reached out and grabbed the hard, wet and cold rock beside him. His five fingers were about to be inserted into the rock crevices, and the edges of his nails were worn out with rough notches. His Adam's apple kept shaking, and every minute of pain was swallowed and bitten back between his teeth. At such a moment, it was impossible for him to hum in front of Linghe. The video completely left the bottom of the most embarrassing and tragic scene in his life. Ling He immediately took back his cell phone, typed quickly and sent out a video. He raised his eyes and told Yan Xiaodao: "I sent Qi Ye what you look like now.". Knife, can you guess if your godfather will put down the jar of crickets in his hand and rush to rescue you with all his troops? Yan Xiaodao took a deep breath: "He knows you have an ambush. He won't come." Linghe frowned and shouted in a low voice, "Yes, he also knew there was an ambush on Chaotou Rock tonight, so he didn't go. He asked you to go!"! This is the godfather that you are loyal to. You are the first word of righteousness, and he is specially cheating you! "Master Qi didn't let me come," said Yan Xiaodao in a dumb voice. "I wanted to go to the appointment for him. I knew it must be you." “……” Linghe really had an impulse to pull out another knife and insert it into the right foot of the knife. "Yan Xiaodao, you are so stupid that you can't teach you to be unrepentant!" Yan Xiaodao did not want to refute. He was not unteachable or unrepentant. He understood all the reasons and all the reasons. He tossed and turned in private and thought about many past events. Come to this point today, is a person in Jianghu, involuntarily, he has no choice. Beads of sweat as big as soybeans gathered into several waterlines and flowed down the sculptural outline of his face. Yan Xiaodao's lips were gray and his eyes were still strong and firm: "Ling He, can this matter end here today?"? If you cut me down, you'll cut down Master Qi with a bad breath, and that's all. Ling He stared at the man in amazement: "." Yan Xiaodao gritted his teeth and said, "Master Qi has a lot of people under his command. He's not a fool like You Jinglian or Watanabe Yangshan. He's very smart. Don't mess with him.." If you are still angry, just cut me a few more knives, whatever you want, I will suffer for him today! You stop, get out of here, go back where you came from. Yan Xiaodao's inner mirror, he and Linghe are over, they can't face each other, they can't be together, the last hope for the "future" has completely turned into a beautiful phantom, the flower in the mirror, the moon in the water. His last wish, if it could be called a luxury heart, was not to see both sides lose. Linghe suddenly stood up, standing on the top of the mountain composed of black reefs, closer to the sky, face detection android , as if he could reach out and tear the dark clouds overhead. Linghe was angry and sad at that moment. He looked down at Xiaodao's face and said, "Yan Xiaodao, I tell you the truth. Qi Baoshan must have seen you lying here covered with blood and weak. You may be disassembled at any time. He knows I did it. He won't come to save you. He will never show up tonight!"! "Yan Xiaodao, don't you understand?"? In this Bureau, Qi Baoshan has long thought of breaking his wrist and abandoning the ship to escape. For him, you are just a tail that can be cut off at any time, a boat that can be scuttled and abandoned at any time. He will not trust you wholeheartedly and rely on you. His suspicion and fear of you have long obliterated even a little fragile father-son friendship between you and him. Your life will never be as important as his own! "Your godfather won't come to your rescue. He'd rather watch you bleed to death at the hands of your enemies.". Yan Xiaodao, I want you to understand today that Qi Baoshan is unreliable and your original choice is wrong. I want you to know whether you should be with him or with me! …… Mao Zhixiu directly threw a sweat, looking on coldly at the two people who could not be dragged back by the emotions of completely moving towards the opposite poles, and shook their heads helplessly. This is called the fans of the game, no matter how sober the bystanders are, eight horses can't pull the posture of cutting each other! Miss Mao wanted to complain in her heart: Mr. Ling, you are smart all your life, but you are confused about the word "love" for a while, and you may even fall into such a strange circle of confusion and conceit all your life. Everyone who has eyes can see that you are devoted to Mr. Yan, but look at what you did tonight? You cut off Yan Xiaodao's foot, if the hamstring is broken, even if this man can't follow Qi Ye in the future, is he still willing to follow you? This is a big stupid move! These men in the world who are stupid and have inferior EQ but think they are smart and pretentious.u Jinglian had approached and stepped into the beast/desire dirty "circle" for the purpose of promotion and wealth, and exchanged innocent young people for promotion, which was outrageous. However, there are no eggs under the nest? The lips are dead and the teeth are cold. Qi Baoshan hid in the car and looked across the street at the scene of the chaotic rescue at Pier 5. He watched as Yu Ching-lien was carried out by several people, as if he had been escorted out and stuffed into an ambulance. hsdtouch.com