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Immortals' Urban Life After Marriage (Morality)

2022-10-24 04:09   Téléphones   Dakoro   4 views

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"Xuanzi, save me," the book dream eyes misty faintly saw the figure of Xuanzi, is standing there laughing, stretching out around also shouted, the right hand is also constantly stroking his body, as if that kind of medicine is getting stronger and stronger, Xuanzi in the side to see interesting, a wave of the book dream immediately woke up, the body of the medicine was also caught out by Xuanzi.   "Are you all right?" "You.." Why did you come to save me? I almost.. "Shuluanmeng snorted coldly and glared at Shuxuanzi." "Oh, my God, I figured out that you were in danger and came to save you in time, but did I make a mistake?"? Then I'll come later next time. "Shuxuanzi pretended to be wronged and continued to joke, but received the supercilious look of Shuluanmeng. He was very happy about Shuxuanzi's timely rescue of Shuluanmeng. Finally, he was not here. At this time, he thought that he was too reckless to come to such a place with people casually, biting his lips and regretting.". … Chapter 305 bad news. As the book Xuanzi said, the feelings of ordinary people can not stand the test, those so-called everlasting, the so-called seas run dry and rocks crumble are made up for those young boys and girls to listen to,automated warehouse systems, when a person really entered the society to know that love is actually just an episode in life, is a dream of all women, how many pairs of love in history that call life and death? How many marriages are there that rarely abandon their wives, indulge in debauchery and have three wives and four concubines? Like the sands of the Ganges, life is very fragile, life is so, let alone love? People always create a false hope for themselves, also known as a love belief, just like a religious belief, they anesthetize themselves, this life is so muddleheaded over, but no matter how the book dream or some do not believe that this Jiang Rufeng will change so much. Why on earth is that? Three years, only three years of time how he became even I do not know some ", ShuLuanMeng for their own time to rush to sadness, more for Jiang Rufeng character change feel a burst of despair, three years ago that Harvard's top student, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, the gentleman's demeanor of the man has become like this, today if not for ShuLuanMeng personally encountered this matter is really killing her." "This is too normal.  They were gangsters at first sight. It was Jiang Rufeng who finally came in. His face was red and his eyes were full of resentment. It seemed that the pills just now had made him choke. "Forget it, I don't want to pay attention to this person, he has nothing to do with me," Shuluanmeng knew that Shuxuanzi could kill Jiang Rufeng in a snap of his fingers, but Shuluanmeng had just broken the love barrier and had no such thing,metal racking systems, the heart had been gradually cultivated, Shuxuanzi smiled and nodded appreciatively, killing is the most primitive of human beings. It is also the most difficult to eliminate. kingmoreracking.com