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Immortals of rebirth also love their youth

2022-10-24 03:43   Téléphones   Dakoro   9 views

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"Jane · Comfort": The beginning of the song is the piano music of Jin Zheming's solo, and then slowly adds the combination of light singing and piano music, which leads to the illusory lyrics.   Yes, but although their voices have been checked a lot with Zhe Mingge, they are also good among others. As for being able to appear in this MV, it also proves their strength. "Jin Zhengxing analyzed it for Sun Wenli." Brother Zhengxing, this song, brother's song, really, I feel much more relaxed now, it's amazing. Brother Zhengxing, do you feel it? Sun Wenli, who did not hear Kim Jong-sung's analysis, said a sentence at the beginning of the MV and then indulged in the song. ,, "Kim Jong-sung, who is also addicted to it.". Sun Wenli did not react because Kim Jong-sung did not answer, because she was deeply integrated into the song. [Chapter 113 Cooperation with BB (I wish you all a happy June 1)] () After the rain that day, Jin Zheming worked hard for more than half a month and finally finished sorting out the MV of these two songs and some of the most important things. He also finished shooting the MV the day before yesterday. Naturally, the KRY trio was shooting "Jane's Comfort" with Jin Zheming. Although they are completely a supporting role, it also depends on whose supporting role it is. Being able to be the supporting role of Jin Zheming is a huge benefit,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, so they are very happy to be. The supporting role in the MV of the song "Go Crazy with Me" was unexpected. As a composer, Yu Yongzhen was somewhat shocked, because the song we thought should also be shot by people from the same company to pull them once, but it made many people dumbfounded, because the people called by Jin Zheming were BB.  After promising to say that, G-Dragon waved to his younger brothers who had been looking at here in the distance and motioned for them to come over. "Uncle Hyun-seok, they're all here," he said to the phone and turned on the speaker as he watched his brothers come to him. "Well, after listening for a while, it's like organizing language." Well, now you have a chance, which may make you famous all over the world. "What chance?" 4. As the captain of the team, G-Dragon is very able to endure xxìng, while the others are a little excited. Just now, S, M company called me and said that Jin Zheming's new song came out,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, "Yang Xianshi deliberately played a game." Ah, isn't that waiting again? "Even when G-Dragon heard Jin Zheming's new song coming out, it was like a deflated balloon.". sxthsteel.com