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I have Goldfinger.

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 Lao Wu shouted loudly, and all the guards around him rushed forward to catch a dozen or so hoodlums who had climbed in. Without Shen Qinghe, Lao Wu and several veterans who came out of the barracks finished the trial of this group of people. The day has not yet been bright, knew is Shen 15 makes the ghost, Shen Qinghe knew the news, anything also did not say, just lightly snorted. This incident was not known to the elders of the two families. A few days later, on the eve of the Chinese New Year's Eve, Shen's family, who were eating New Year's Eve dinner at home, were suddenly punished by God. From the roof fell a dark black stone that did not belong to this ordinary person's cognitive range, smashed the dining table,lutein eye complex, and also hit Shen 15, directly knocked Shen 15 unconscious, and when he woke up, he was already hemiplegic. I can only lie in bed all my life, and I can't go out any more, and I can't harm people. After Shen Shiwu's husband and wife were injured, many clansmen came to watch the scene of bustle, but few clansmen really cared about them. Some of the clansmen living in the city did not even have the idea of visiting him, only the patriarch sent someone to ask about the situation, and the rest did not even greet him. The crisis has passed and the days have passed day by day. Three years, in the blink of an eye. Seventeen-year-old Shen Lihua married a military general, Xu Kaifu, a lieutenant in Laicheng. In addition to the dowry given by Third Master Shen and Shen Qingyuan (Shen Baogen, renamed three years ago), Shen Qinghe also prepared a large dowry. What Xu Kaifu fears most is not his brother-in-law. Although his brother-in-law is shrewd and domineering, pumpkin seed extract ,ghana seed extract, he is more afraid of his brother-in-law who has been stationed in Laicheng all the year round. I don't know why, but he is very afraid of him. When he returned home from the military camp, what  Xu Kaifu's eyes were full of the little girl in front of him, and it was the happiest thing in his life to marry her. Hum, if you dare to have other bad ideas, give up the idea as soon as possible. The smile on his lips told Xu Kaifu that his wife was not really angry. He was most afraid of his wife's anger. Every time she was angry, she would not let a man go to bed like other people's wives, but she was so angry that she ignored him for several days. Just ignoring him can make him very uncomfortable, and he doesn't have to do anything else. Shen Qingyuan's ambition has grown, he wants to compete in the world with Shen Qinghe revealed, Shen Qinghe clearly expressed support for him. Whatever he wants to do, his younger brother is all for it. Shen Qingyuan was very moved and very excited at that time, his mind did not dare to tell his family, can only talk to Shen Qinghe, did not expect his perverse idea, his brother did not persuade him, but also said strong support. He did not expect that since the brothers had talked about it, they would often write to each other and discuss things in a secret language that they could only understand each other. Shen Qinghe is also more busy, he helps to prepare a lot of things, all kinds of materials and money. Shen Qingyuan's official position was promoted to two levels,turmeric extract powder, with more soldiers and more people following him. There is a mountain in the middle of Laicheng and Shuicheng. It is a mountain with the legend of the devil. There are no villages or families living around it for a long distance. It is a good place to be a base camp. Chapter 234 The Rise of Small Landlords (07). Now some wooden houses have been built inside, as well as some underground fortifications, which contain a lot of various materials. It's all prepared by the brothers. prius-biotech.com

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