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I have an appointment with Chonglou.

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"Bei Yao Guang!" With a low roar, I quickly covered his mouth. "Oh, what a pity to destroy such a romantic reunion." My brother Lou, Xifeng has been following you for many years. Even if you have no merit, you have to work hard. Besides, no matter where the labor law is, there is no prohibition for subordinates to fall in love and get married. We are the demon world, not the divine world, do we still have to follow the "color is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from color"? He became a demon for love, not a monk. Seeing that he patted my hand, I rubbed it slowly. Really, why did you hit it? It hurt a lot. Hum Chonglou did not answer. No, I almost forgot that the ability of the immobilization spell is limited, not to mention that there are so many ghosts at one time. I threw out a handful of lucky stars. Dragon God's decree, palm of the golden mean to borrow the law, close! Knot handprint, first subdued more than a dozen ghosts. No! It looks like the ghost is being manipulated. Xu Changqing had some doubts, but the best way now was to collect them first. At this time, the ghosts opened their big mouths and sucked the life of the living people in the house with all their strength. It was really bold. Listen to the ghosts, the exorcism dragon horse family does not want to hurt innocent people. Go back quickly,Inflatable water park factory, or don't blame this girl for being cruel. It's not as simple as being subdued. I clenched the magic wand, alas, these guys dare to be so rampant, but if the Dragon God comes out, even the chance of reincarnation is gone. I have some hesitation. "Humph." Chonglou hand, is simply seckill, less than a cup of tea kung fu, all the ghosts are not left,Inflatable outdoor park, accompanied by the red light, is the sound of ghosts crying, very sad. But he helped me out. When I made my handprint just now, I moved too much. The wound on my back should have been torn open. Girl Chonglou came back to me, reached out and picked me up, and went to the room of Xiaolou. Miss Beiyao. Xifeng and Huangfuqian hurriedly followed. Zixuan and Xu Changqing were cleaning up the mess in the yard. Master The water from the well came for many days, and after all the male creatures except Chonglou had withdrawn from the door, Luqi closed the door and untied my clothes. Green Qi, remember to apply the medicine given by your aunt. I lay on the bed and asked her to help me reapply medicine and dress the wound. After changing into a clean gauze skirt, fortunately this time it was not serious, the windbreaker was not stained with blood, and I was held in my arms by Chonglou. Seeing that Qianlou had returned to normal, Huangfu Ming entered the courtyard. He kept thanking us, but when he looked at the stream wind, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable dry slide, his face darkened, but he did not dare to say. As soon as I saw it, it turned out that Xifeng's hand was still interlocked with Huangfuqian's fingers. No wonder his eldest brother was dissatisfied. Xiaoqian, come to Big Brother. Don't disturb Master Xifeng. Huang Fuming said. How interesting I couldn't help laughing when he called General Shura of the Demon World Daxia. Eldest brother. He "Huangfuqian sighed, then let go and clasped hands with Xifeng." Hum I was afraid of Chonglou's anger, so I hugged him desperately. Although he is usually as cruel as a fascist to his subordinates, he is very protective of his shortcomings. This Huangfu Ming is really not enough for the demon Zun to get angry. In that way, it can't become a "death inscription". Heavy childe, Beiyao girl, please! Miss Zixuan, Master Xu, please! Master Xifeng, Master Dieri, and Miss Lvqi, please! Before Huang Fuming understood, he pulled Huang Fuqian to lead the way and planned to arrange us in the gorgeous Luoxia Garden. The sunset and the solitary fly together, and the autumn water is the same color as the long sky. It just occurred to me. The viewing pavilion in the courtyard is called Gufu. The winding corridor and the pool full of lotus flowers are really appropriate for the occasion. What Miss Beiyao said is really good. Please Huang Fuming complimented him. It's just a matter of picking up people's wisdom and laughing at them. I was held horizontally by Chonglou and walked in the front. Huang Fuming walked on the right side to lead the way. Like Chonglou asked in a low voice. I smiled and leaned on his shouldewere few people who could be calm and calm in front of Chonglou. We'll go to dinner. I smiled, put my head on the shoulder of Chonglou, and flipped through a small biography in my hand. Manager Kim, pnothing to do,Inflatable outdoor park, and he drinks so much. Chapter 40 going to dinner Updated June 11, 2011 9:46:44 Words in this Chapter: 7761 Soon it was Shen Shi (15:00 to 17:00). Chonglou took me by the hand and appeared in Ruixue Pavilion. Xifeng naturally followed him. The Ruixue Pavilion is elegantly decorated. When Huang Fuming saw us, he stood up to greet us. joyshineinflatables.com