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The best way to ensure that you use your car seat correctly is to read the manual! The manual contains vital information that you need to be aware of in order for the car seat to perform optimally in a crash. The manual will advise where the car seat may be installed in the car and it will instruct you on how to install it correctly. It will also tell you how to adjust the car seat to fit your baby properly. Do not improvise or go against anything stated in the manual. Most European manufacturers do not allow any kind of adjustments or additions such as using a pool noodle to recline it, so be careful not to do anything that is not explicitly stated in the manual.



All European car seats must have 3 points of contact with the seatbelt or vehicle anchors. The Toddler Car Seat can either be installed with the vehicle's 3-point seatbelt, or with isofix. ALWAYS read your particular car seat's manual before installing the car seat.


Correct installation of an infant seat used without a base:
When installing an infant car seat without a base, using only the seatbelt, the seatbelt makes a snake-like pattern once routed correctly called Serpentine Routing.

Place the car seat on the vehicle bench with the baby facing backwards. You will see blue seatbelt guides on the car seat; 2 over the front of the seat and 1 at the back of the seat. Route the lapbelt of the seatbelt through the 2 seatbelt guides in the front of the seat i.e. where the baby’s legs/lap would go. Buckle the seatbelt in.

Pull the seatbelt nice and tight, then route the shoulder belt around the back of the car seat and through the blue seatbelt guide at the back of the Toddler Car Seat Group 0+1+2+3, making sure there are no twists in the seatbelt. Pull out any slack in the seatbelt to get it in securely. You can watch our video HERE on how to install a car seat using the seatbelt.

Correct installation of an infant seat with an ISOfix base: Attach the 2 ISOfix anchors to the vehicles ISOfix brackets and make sure the indicators turn green. Push the base into the vehicle backrest to tighten it. Drop the load leg until it makes full contact with the floor and the indicator turns green. Click the car seat onto the base and check that the indicator turns green. If you are using an ISOfix base, you should not use the seatbelt as well.


For an infant seat being used with a belted base:
Route the seatbelt through the base as indicated by the manual. If a load leg is present, lower it until it makes full contact with the floor. Check that all indicators are green.

*Note that load legs may not be installed over underfloor storage compartments. Contact your vehicle dealership to order an approved filler, if you have underfloor storage compartments. Alternatively, buy a car seat without a load leg.

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