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A typical LED display is composed of many LED panels, which are sometimes used as a form of lighting or illumination rather than for display. Two classes of LED panels exist: conventional LED panels, which use discrete LEDs, and surface-mounted device (SMD) panels. Conventional panels are the more common of the two, especially for large outdoor display screens. In this type of LED panel, clusters of red, green, and blue LEDs are grouped together to form numerous square-shaped pixels.


How does an LED Display work?

An LED display consists of many closely-spaced LEDs. By varying the brightness of each LED, the diodes jointly form an image on the display.


To create a bright colour image, the principles of additive colour mixing are used, whereby new colours are created by mixing light in different colours. An LED display consists of red, green and blue LEDs mounted in a fixed pattern. These three colours combine to form a pixel. By adjusting the intensity of the diodes, billions of colours can be formed. When you look at the LED screen from a certain distance, the array of coloured pixels are seen as an image.


There are many types of LED players in the market nowadays, such as MINI LED DisplayCOB LED DisplayGOB LED DisolayUltra HD LED DisplayRental LED DisplayIndoor Rental LED Display, and Outdoor Rental LED Display. And they may be used together with LED Modules including Indoor LED ModuleOutdoor LED ModuleSpherical LED Display, etc.