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He Han San Xiao

2022-10-20 05:48   Ordinateurs   Niamey   28 views

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The Taoist Priest Zixu saw that Yang Taiye, the hand of rejuvenation, had regained consciousness and could adjust his breath by himself. Then he stood up and turned to the dragon and tiger beggar and asked, "What's wrong with the two of them? It makes my brother angry. If I hadn't been rescued quickly, I'm afraid my brother Yang would have been finished." The dragon and tiger strange beggar Wei and Jin were so angry that he snorted angrily, "Yang Tai, the hand of rejuvenation, and your worthless treasure, couldn't catch up with Shen yuantong. They secretly cut off the huge rope across the sky and made Shen yuantong fall off the cliff.". This account was settled by your Wudang Sect! The Taoist Priest Zixu looked at the end of the rope, which was still trembling slightly. His heart was numb. His eyes, like lightning, shot at the mother-in-law Yuguai, who had not yet recovered. "Tell me!" He said. Yu Guai's mother-in-law shyly said what had just happened. No matter how sincere she was, she could not make people not believe what they saw with their own eyes. Ceng Biji, a young swordsman, was deeply grieved. He said with a sneer, "I didn't expect that the Wudang Sect is a group of duplicitous villains. They dare to use the means of harming people in front of all the heroes in the world. As a result, they are completely pushed away in an attempt to cover up the eyes and ears of all the people in the world. It's really shameful!"! Hateful! There was an element of desolation in the fortitude of his speech. Then someone shouted in a loud voice, "Wudang Bear, please!"! Give all the heroes in the world a clear explanation! The Taoist Priest Zixu had a pale look on his face. He stared at the mother-in-law Yuguai. He was so worried that he looked back at Master Baiyu, the head of Shaolin. His lips moved and he was about to speak. Master Baiyu, the head of Shaolin, turned his head at the right time and sang "Amitabha Buddha" softly. Without saying a word, he unfolded his fat monk's robe and floated away. At that time, the leaders and elders of the major sects also left Wudang Mountain silently. Zeng Bi also stamped his foot and said in a resentful voice, "Let's not taeir master was a master of medicine, but they did not know his achievements in martial arts and his status as a great master. Later, due to chance, Yang Taiqiao won the "Tianxin Secret" and practiced a unique skill. Wang Jian threw himself into Wudang and became the present Taoist Priest Jingyuan. The two of them, gold CIP machine ,Portable gold trommel, brothers and sisters, have been longing for the kindness of Bu Jingcheng, a skillful and benevolent dork cloud rose from the top of the cliff and fell on his side. It was an old man in a bronzed robe. ?? He reached out and touched Shen yuantong's heart. Detecting that Shen yuantong's life was safe, he could not help blurting out a light "Yi", raising his eyebrows a little,magnetic separator machine, and with a palm of his right hand, he went to Shen yuantong's heart. As soon as the force of his palm reached his body, he suddenly broke his wrist again and withdrew the force he had sent out. ore-magnetic-mining.com