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Grain processing machine

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Grain processing machine, including cereal and pulse processing, adopts one of the oldest and most important of all food technologies and forms a large and important part of the food production chain. Grain processing machine combined with rice cleaner, de-stoner, husker, separator, rice whitener, rice grader, elevators, motors and spare parts features the properties of great paddy and husked rice separating performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high working efficiency. It is the most advanced combined rice mill in the present market.

Seed processing machine is highly effective for multiple processing technologies such as shelling, de-husking, cracking, cleaning, destoning, polishing, grading, etc. The seed cleaners and seed graders are also very efficient in processing different type of seeds or oilseeds with the same precision. Seed processing machines are manufactured by employing the latest technology and fit-for-purpose raw materials.

Flour milling is also known as flour grinding or flour processing. Flour processing machine generally includes grain pretreatment process (cleaning & dehulling) and flour milling process. Flour processing plant is built to turn grain into different levels of flour products for different purposes. The main processing machinery of flour milling plant includes flour grinding equipment, screening equipment and flour purifier. Common grinding equipment is roller flour mill. Percussion grinder and flour detacher are the auxiliary grinding equipment. Common screening equipment is square plansifter, along with rotary sieve, wheat bran finishers and bran brushing machine as auxiliary screen equipment. Purifier is common machinery for purification.

In most cases, small oil production machine has seeds sheller, cooker or steaming machine, screw oil press machine, oil filter machine, and/or mini oil refinery line. And, the cost to set up a small scale oil production line for cooking oil is also based on the detailed capacity and equipment medels.

The oil pressing production machine is used to extract oil from edible as well as non-edible oil seeds and nuts. With worm shaft assembly in forged carbon steel / stainless steel overlayed with chromium carbide hardfacing electrode, the machine features superior wear life. The machine features triple state helical reduction gear box with split casing contributing to easy maintenance. What's more, the machine features protective covering for spatter-proof and dust-proof operation.

Oil extraction machine is a versatile type of machinery, helping agricultural businesses do more with their yields. These expeller pressers are typically based on a screw system, putting heat, friction and pressure to work as they squeeze oils out of different materials.

An oil refinery machine is an industrial equiment that transforms, or refines crude oil into various usable petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline and heating oils. Oil refinery machine essentially serves as the second stage in the crude oil production process following the actual extraction of crude oil up-stream, and refinery services are considered to be a down-stream segment of the oil and gas industry.

Oil filling machine refers to the filling liquids by the capacity of product, measured in by Flowmeter. The speed of filling differs as per the volume to be filled as the machine is equipped with bottom-up fill assembly and adjustable volume control. We manufacture these machines using quality measures as per standards. It is efficiently equipped with adjustable volume control and bottom-up filling assembly and filling speed differs with volume. This filling machine work on continous volumetric principle through PLC controlled by flow meter.

Corrugated box making machine is used to process a corrugated board and convert it into a final box of required dimensions and strength. We bring together a seasoned portfolio of finest corrugated box making machines from around the globe.

corrugated cardboard making machine is machine used to manufacture corrugated material - cardboard The system works in the following ways. First off, reels of paper will be fed into the corrugator, where at this point the paper is conditioned with heat and steam prior to being fed into the single facer. When a roll is nearly empty, the corrugator control system starts a splicer, and paper from the new roll is joined to the end of the paper going through the machine. Thus, production of corrugated cardboard is continuous, and no production spe