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Fighting for life-willow setting sun _ txt novel paradise

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 On the other hand- Wu Tong was fighting to the death with the middle-aged scribe. His big saber was exquisite and skillful, but the other side was a fleshy palm. Although the man was bony and scaly,Manual Flush Valve, his palm was powerful and ever-changing. Wu Tong held a blade in his hand, but he couldn't get any advantage! With overwhelming superiority, the troops of the Guzhu Gang had cut down most of the enemies who had rushed in advance in an instant. However, with only twenty enemies left, the Yuma Fort behind them had already taken over. There were about four hundred people in this group. As soon as they rushed, the situation changed immediately. The two sides had turned from a one-sided form into a melee, a flesh-and-blood melee! The young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, with the help of a big man with a spot top, led more than two hundred Yumapao characters to the right side of the green gauze tent, and before they reached it,Flush valve price, more than forty were broken, only arrows penetrated their hearts, but now they had shouted and rushed in.. In the melee, the four cool-looking young men of the Guzhu Gang were fighting with three old men in their fifties. The three old men were two thin and one fat. The two thin men each held a pair of short poles and rotten silver hooks, while the fat one used a pure steel axe. The Guzhu Gang was four to three, and the situation was not too strong. While fighting with Wei Qiang, Ziqianhao watched the evolution of the battle around him. In the midst of his nine swords, he said with a smile, "Lord Wei, if you are willing to hand over ten thousand taels of gold and three thousand bags of white face and one thousand bolts of silk, Ziqianhao will withdraw his troops immediately, eh?" With a big face like a black pot, he still said, "Don't dream. My surname is Zi. I'd rather have my head broken than be bent. Just see if Yuma Fort is as easy to bully as you imagine!" Thick eyebrows suddenly stood up, and his eyes seemed to be flowing with waves of blood. Ziqianhao shouted, "I'll know you won't be good. Wei Qiang, you go first on the way to the underworld!" In the shouts, the four dazzling swords suddenly trembled like waves, Time Delay Tap ,Time Delay Tap, and the strange sounds of "sniff", "sniff", "whoosh" and "whoosh" interwoven into a net of life and death, while the flashing layers were heavy, the Hui people were flying, and the tip of the sword trembled into stars, floating and sinking up and down, which was so powerful and fierce that it was no longer like a sword held in the hands of a "person". the crowd in the fierce fight. She was dressed in a powder-blue tights, wearing a powder-blue headscarf, and holding a pair of Mandarin duck swords in both hands. Well, typical Wulin girl posture! Staring at her coldly, Ziqianhao was speechless. Sitting on the ground, Wei Qiang,Self-closing Shower Valve, who was covering his cell with his hand, had already seen him. He gasped and shouted hoarsely, "Mushrooms are going together.." Hurry up Go cnkexin.com

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