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Fairy Fox Ghost "Your Highness the Fox" Wind Shallow _ Fetal Wear _ Laughing Article _ Fox and Bird

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Mo Zhi? Ye Shenshen almost forgot the man and shook his head. "I don't know. He didn't go down the mountain with me." "There's no time, daughter.  Then she put on her thinnest clothes and waited for the clothes hanging on the trees to be dried by the cold wind. As she blew, her tears came out. Qingyun's capital is more lively than Zhu Mo, and Ye Shenshen doesn't know where to find Shaozi, so he has to wander around the city,Magnesium Oxide MgO, hoping to find somewhere related to the palace. As he walked along, he was suddenly attracted by a group of people in front of him. This fox is really beautiful. The crowd sighed, "It's just a little expensive." Ye Shenshen already felt extremely sensitive to the word "fox," and hurriedly went up and pushed aside the crowd to the front before he could see what was going on ahead. There was a cage in the middle of the crowd, in which there was a snow-white animal, hairy and fleshy, with watery eyes. This animal is deeply familiar to Ye Shen, but it is not a fox! It's just this one.. It looks so much like.. When the fox saw her, he hit the cage excitedly. "Meow!" “……” Si, Si Fan? There is no other fox in the world who cries like a cat. Some people in the crowd have questioned: "I said boss, you do not take a large kitten as a fox cub ah." "This is clearly a fox!" The boss is in a hurry. Fox or not, I'll take it! Some people are also anxious. The fox who looks like Sifan, er, the fox who looks like Sifan looks at Ye Shenshen and bumps into him in the cage. Ye deeply touched his pocket, empty, no money, and looked at Sifan, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Sulphate price, whose head was almost bleeding, gritted his teeth and rushed out, grabbed the cage, turned and ran! "Don't run away, thief!" The boss shouted, and a bunch of people followed her.   Bastard, can't I catch up with you by walking? As a result, without saying a word, chase. I don't know if this fox spirit is deliberately punishing people, she followed him all the way, he walked in the streets and alleys of Qingyun do not know how many roads, during which he also went to the inn to drink a cup of tea, so that a bird silently following behind with a smoking throat killed a thousand times with his eyes. Finally, he turned into an alley. The leaf deeply followed the heart happy to blossom, this kind of alley she saw much in Zhu Mo,Magnesium Oxide powder, generally is in and out, as long as she walks along, do not believe that he can not be blocked!. stargrace-magnesite.com