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Evil Wind Song _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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Then there was a loud noise, the whole back garden of Huangfu trembled, a row of walls three feet wide were blown up, and the kitten came in with an iron bar and a crazy roll. The broken bricks and tiles of the wall crackled down, making the pursuers behind them complain incessantly, but there were still a few Royal Guard officers with deep skills who rushed in screaming and slapped the kitten on the back. The kitten straightened her back and got a slap from the five Royal Guards. With a bang, the whole clothes behind him exploded into pieces and drifted away, while the kitten itself took a few steps forward as if nothing had happened, and turned around and laughed a few times. Li Feng stepped forward just right and said with a sneer, "Bachelors beat ninety-nine instead of one. My brother just beat you Royal Guards' henchmen. You don't have to chase them so hard, do you?"? Hey hey, now can be good, you actually chased to our lair, that is no wonder we are ruthless. Brothers, put an end to their mouths and don't let them reveal our lair. The twenty big thieves of the green forest behind the wind is a wry smile in the heart again and again, look, at least two hundred Royal Guards master rushed in from the broken wall, behind the numerous torches, don't know how many Yugoslav guards in the back, they add up to but 22 people, silence? How to silence ah? The five Royal Guard officers were also stunned, and the kitten had been slapped by the five of them without anything happening, which had frightened them into a daze. Then it was Li Feng's strange and funny words that made them want to laugh, but they knew they couldn't laugh now, so they had to tighten their faces. The officer in the middle shouted, "How dare you attack our Royal Guards?"? Come with us, if you're interested. Li Feng laughed. "The Royal Guards?"? Wow, I'm so scared. Whoa ha. The big thieves behind Li Feng laughed one by one, and their flexible minds had already begun to patrol around,ultrasonic dispersion machine, preparing for the escape route. Because in this sentence, the gap in the wall has entered a Royal Guards general, seven thousand households, more than twenty hundred households, followed by a large number of Royal Guards, it seems that the Royal Guards of Tianfu have moved their lair here. Li Feng cocked his head and looked aside. Suddenly he laughed. "Tell you what, so what if my brother beat you?"? Isn't it the Royal Guards? My brother beat you because he had nothing to do when he was full and used it to digest. Li Feng ferociously pulled out the iron sword worth 250 yuan from his waist and bluffed: "This is the lair where we'sweep the world like a nest of lewd bees'. No matter whether you are Royal Guards or not, if you come in, you will listen to us, or you will cut it all down." The Royal Guard general was so angry that his face turned pale. He shivered and pointed to Li Feng. He shouted, "I, I won't take off your skin and cover it on the chair as a cushion. I was born and raised by you." Li Feng called out: "Good son, you honestly call me a nice one.". Do you know who my backer is? Say it to scare you to death, Lao Tzu's backer, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, is when the assistant minister Huang Zicheng, Lord Huang. If you dare to offend Lao Tzu, your leader, the old eunuch, the old eunuch, can't stand it either. Li Feng's words, can be made public anger. The Royal Guards shouted in unison, and the five officers, who were frightened by the kitten, gritted their teeth and rushed up again with more than a dozen colleagues. When their bodies were still in midair, they heard Huang Zicheng shouting loudly in the moon doorway on the back courtyard wall: "You.." What are you doing? Is there any law? Do you want to rebel if you openly gather people to break into the private residence of the court officials? The Royal Guard officers' eyes were so vicious that they recognized at a glance Huang Zichenghuang and Fang Xiaoru, who were now popular in Yingtian Prefecture. Especially behind them, they were followed by three GGuan is negligent, did not notice. This courtyard wall is none of our business. We didn't tear it down. With that, he turned to leave. Seeing that something was wrong, Fang Hsiao-ru hurriedly shouted,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "Slow down. What's going on?"? Aren't those masked men in black your Royal Guards? Why are you coming at us? Huang Zicheng also reacted to come over, he stared round eyes roared: "Nonsense, how is the person that I send?"? My Huang family is a scholarly family. Where do you know these Jianghu bandits? fycgsonic.com