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Eros Black and White

2022-10-24 03:35   Téléphones   Dakoro   2 views

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Localité: Dakoro
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This song is not in the middle of the dance music, but between POP and ROCK in the middle of the style, the rhythm of dance music is slow and elegant, so the movement is not big, the difficulty is not high, but it is not easy to fully match the music and rhythm.   He clapped his hands and came over. Almost Lianhua raised her eyebrows. The big ones are perfect, but the small ones, you may not notice. He folded his arms and returned to the posture of an authentic dance instructor. "Do that hand on the chest again." Lianhua glanced at him disapprovingly,jacuzzi swim spa, reluctantly spreading her legs and crossing her arms in front of her chest. ALEX looked at him carefully from top to bottom. Lianhua sniffed, "What's wrong?" In fact, there is nothing wrong, right? ALEX's eyes are empty, like an appreciator: "Try this." He walked up behind Lianhua, held his waist, and pulled back a few degrees. How do you feel now? He asked over Lianhua's shoulder, "You can look in the mirror for yourself." Indeed,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, this position is more comfortable than at the beginning, and it feels more tense and tense. He looked sideways at his figure in the mirror, and this modified backward movement was really beautiful! However, he was still indifferent and said, "It feels just so so." "Is it?" ALEX's face changed into an improper smile. "What about this?" Said frivolously, the rough hand has slipped from the waist position to Lianhua's tight thigh. "Don't touch me." Suppressing the hoarse voice of anger, the whole room was filled with a chill once again. ALEX's chin rested lazily on Lianhua's shoulder socket, and the palm he stroked wantonly through his jeans still had no intention of stopping: "Touch you.." So what? Lianhua frowned in disgust and clenched her fists. ALEX's tone remained defiant:.. Yes, I am dirty, but are you clean? A fierce underhook kissed ALEX on the chin, and he quickly tasted the blood in his mouth, staggered back a step, and then his hands were hooped behind him by a fierce reverse scissors from Lianhua! "Hehe.." Don't get so excited. I haven't enjoyed anything yet! And, "he said worriedly, glancing at Lianhua's right arm, Whirlpool bathtub ,endless swimming pool," your wound will open. " The wound was really dull and painful. Lianhua gave up and loosened ALEX's hand: "I really don't need to be angry for a bastard like you." He turned and sat quietly on the sofa.  The door clanged open. "Lianhua, are you ready?" KENT stood outside the door and frowned with displeasure when he saw ALEX. I'm asking for trouble again today. ALEX stood up with a shrug, walked to the door, and looked back expectantly. Lianhua looked cold and still disdained to look at him. He left with a wry smile. But Lianhua, you can't escape from my palm, Su Lan, KENT, and the new boy, they don't deserve to stay with you, let alone get your attention. We'll see.. KENT slammed the door angrily: "That pervert!"! Does he know that if it wasn't for you, he wouldn't have been able to stay in SERENADE!? "Don't worry about him." Lianhua began to change clothes, stood in front of the mirror, suddenly embarrassed to speak, "by the way,China spa factory, KENT, can you do me a favor?" KENT laughs: "Help is OK, but did not help in vain." "Go ahead." He sat cross-legged beside the red-haired young man and smiled ambiguously. "Anything is OK as long as it's not a promise." monalisa.com