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Dream of the world

2022-10-24 03:38   Téléphones   Dakoro   1 view

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"I'm just working hard.  "How dare you, but for the sake of my purchase of military supplies for the Tiger Wing Army all these years, can the tall man make it convenient?"? "My brother is a bit thin in Yangzhou. Don't tall people believe me?" When Gao Ding heard this, he hesitated for a moment and watched the ship sail slowly across the ferry. Finally, he reluctantly said in a muffled voice, "Since Boss Wu said so, I will make an exception. I have my duty. I won't send you far away." Boss Wu said with a smile, "Thank you, Lord Gao, for your help. When I finish my business, I'll go back to Yangzhou to thank you. I'm leaving now." Li Chen just hung on the side of the ship, frightened to listen to the Wu boss and Gao Ding's answer, until this time only a sigh of relief, with the ship's forward,horse weight tape, finally left the Guazhou ferry. Looking at those who are still searching around the shore of the tiger wing army, Li Chen secretly called luck. The speed of the boat was not slow, but it was not fast either. It was only a dozen miles away from the boat for a long time. At this time, Li Chen was cold and hungry. His body was exhausted. The wound on his left leg became more and more painful. Seeing that the boat had sailed into the middle of the river, looking at the vast river bank in the distance, Li Chen gritted his teeth and decided to turn over to the boat secretly to find some food and clothes. This is also a helpless move, although I heard that the man on the boat was a wealthy businessman surnamed Wu,tape measure clip, who had some friendship with the Tiger Wing Army, and should not be an ordinary person in Yangzhou, but at this time if I can't get some food and medicine as soon as possible, I may try my best to escape from the encirclement, and I will be unjustly frozen to death in the cold river. It's just a businessman. I think I can handle it. Li Chen comforted himself, took a deep breath, supported the waning moon, turned over and jumped to the side of the ship. Carefully, he did not jump directly into the boat, but clasped the side of the boat with his left hand, slowly leaned up and glanced around. The ship was very large, no less than twenty feet in front and back. The main cabin was a two-story building. Along the side of the ship, there was a row of exquisite lanterns, which reflected the shining of the carved and painted pavilions. It turned out that many places were covered with copper and gold paint. Li Chen saw secretly shocked, this surnamed Wu made the boat so eye-catching, fish measuring tape ,Wheel tape measure, but also swaggering on the Yangtze River, not afraid of being targeted by many water bandits on the river? It's really arrogant.  Please don't laugh at me, Brother Blade." "Laugh?" Li Chen smiled bitterly in his heart: "Is this still called'make do with it '?"? "Then we, Liu Yun,Surveyors tape measure, are worse than beggars." Now that they had said so, Li Chen hurriedly handed over his hand and said with a smile, "Boss Wu is very rich. It's too late for me to be the envy of Jianghu. I dare to think of something else. Boss Wu is joking." tapemeasure.net