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Dragon Quest (Part 2)

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No, although China invented gunpowder, it could not make full use of its great value. Instead, it was used by some foreign countries as a weapon to invade China, which made China suffer a great humiliation for more than a century. Isn't this similar to the problems that China encountered in the ancient Qin Dynasty? I must not let the ambition of the Western evil religion to invade the Central Plains succeed! Otherwise, the history of China will not only be rewritten, but also the Chinese people in the Central Plains will be bullied by foreign forces. Think of here, Xiang Silong's mood is unusually heavy, but still can not cheer up to face the reality, hey hey strange laugh way: "Yes!"! This treasure is the Arsenal of the'Sun and Moon God Sect 'in those days. The martial arts of the Central Plains are so extensive and profound. It must contain the essence of the martial arts of the Central Plains before the days of laughter. The head of state and the religious leader have pushed us away. Hey.. I wonder if the vice leader would like to join in the fun with his subordinates? Anyway, the Central Plains government is now unstable and turbulent, and the Central Plains Wulin is also the younger generation with few talents. If we want to occupy China, it can be said that it is just around the corner! But if our martial arts are not good enough to be overshadowed by some of the younger generation, with the personality of the head of state, I am afraid … … Not only will we not be able to enjoy the splendor and wealth, but we will be kicked out of the church! Xiang Silong's words can be said to be rebellious, but he is not a real Gulimu, and he is afraid of a bird! At most, it's just a leak of identity! If you are lucky enough to be able to say to the scattered bones of the demon, let them come to a dog-eat-dog,Inflatable water obstacle course, that is a very gratifying harvest! What's more, with the deep shadow of Gulimu, this kind of psychology is also a matter of human reason, which should not make people doubt the authenticity of their identity, but guard against the arrogance of their false Gulimu ambition. But what the hell! Bet on him! Look at this skeleton Demon Zun's greedy appearance, it's almost possible to persuade him! Besides, according to the thoughts of the'Sun, Moon,large inflatable water slide, and Heaven Emperor 'that have melted into his mind, the Supreme Skeleton is also a very greedy person, and is very suspicious and wary. He has always had a bad relationship with the true master of the dead wood. He is just a false snake, so he has no reason not to be interested in his own words! What's more, if something goes wrong, with his own fake Gulimu carrying it, he can explain to the head of Ashala that he instigated him to go to the Nansha Islands! Also, he was a puppet of Gulimu, and if he did not agree with his proposal, he would have to worry about being killed! Because no matter how to say Gu Wangmu is the younger brother of the head of Asha control, and the dead wood master has scruples about him, he must be helping Gu Limu instead of helping him. For all these reasons, Xiang Silong is betting that the other party must be charged. Sure enough, his face changed greatly, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable floating water park, and he looked at Xiang Silong in horror and surprise for a while, but he frowned and thought deeply, hesitated for a moment, nodded his head and took a long breath as if he had made a decision: "This worry of the Chief Protector of the Dharma is very true!"! Okay, I promise you! Tomorrow I will lead people to Fengleibao and the General Dharma Protection Association, and we will also go to the Nansha Islands to join in the fun! At the worst, if we are scolded by the Fuhrer and the religious leader, we won't do anything to us! When Xiang Silong saw that he was right, he was overjoyed, but his face was still quiet: "This matter had better be more confidential, not too much publicity, just get some capable masters on the line!"! Zhao, Miaojiang sub-altar still has to send people to defend tightly, or be occupied by the smiling scholar, then we can have a big leak! In short, everything should be considered more carefully! Skeleton Demon Zun nodded and said: "Thank you, ch even if they stay here. I have some difficulties in my heart. So I want to ask the vice leader to take care of his subordinates and let them go with the vice leader!" Skeleton Demon Zun's face seemed to be happy and worried, some of the fear of looking at'Xiang Silong-eyes,Inflatable 5k obstacle, big is not natural way: "Why should old scores be taken to heart?"? If you are interested, let's go to Nansha Islands together tomorrow! Go there and try your luck! The wind makes the main face does not change color, is still cold way:.