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Demon-seeking _ ear root _ txt novel paradise

2022-10-24 03:29   Téléphones   Dakoro   1 view

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As a barbarian, he needs to go through two ceremonies like enlightenment in his life, which is barbarian enlightenment, once at the age of seven and once at the age of sixteen.  This is the root of a tribe, and it is also necessary for future generations to become barbarians. Understand the barbarian image, if you can get the induction, you can naturally get the inheritance of the cultivation of barbarian, do not need to be taught, you can practice by yourself. But once they failed at the age of seven and sixteen, it meant that everything could never be changed. Su Ming's heart had been hesitating, and when he didn't see the answer, he looked forward to it. But now it's only three days away from his last insight, but he's afraid. This time.. Can it be done. Su Ming silently returned to his house, sat aside,10g Ozone Generator, and got up to stay. The third chapter is prickly Late at night, Su Ming lay in his own house, looking at the darkness around, unable to sleep for a long time. Grandpa's words were always lingering in his ears, so that the scenes of eight years ago constantly came to his mind.   Then there were some torches on the huge wooden walls around it. In the middle of the night, there was a faint crackling sound of burning. Su Ming looked up at the sky,Ceramic Bobbin, the sky moon and stars are rare, very bright, the stars like eternity, so that Su Ming's eyes, slowly revealed confusion. The people in the clan are very kind to me. But my appearance is obviously different from theirs. Perhaps this has something to do with the failure of the visit. Do not have a barbarian body, can not repair barbarian, can only stay here for a lifetime, can not go out, can not see the world described in the animal leather book. Su Ming sat down silently, leaning against the house, looking at the sky, and the confusion in his eyes became stronger. Barbarians have ancestors, created heaven and man, and left behind for thousands of generations. The barbarian, flying into the sky and moving mountains and seas.. There are barbarian lines leading to the sky, which can pick up the sun, moon and stars. Late at night, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin heater, in the Wushan tribe, a teenager looked at the sky and murmured. At this moment, he did not notice that the black fragment hanging around his neck had a faint flash of light again.  There was a slight pause on Su Ming's body. Between the words, his right hand raised the dark bone stick and waved it. Immediately, he saw dozens of big men coming hurriedly from the crowd not far away,ceramic igniter electrodes, all carrying bound beasts. The beasts were still alive, and now there was a shrill roar and a constant struggle, but it did not help. global-ceramics.com