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Days with ghosts

2022-10-18 02:48   Automobiles   Say   47 views

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 Her face was red and her eyes were shining. Everyone looked at her and trembled with fear. Someone fainted on the spot. There was a coffin shed outside, the north wind was howling, and the snow was falling all the time. Under the pale light of the coffin shed, it was very desolate. The two men fell in a pool of blood, blood-red and snow-white. They were so frightened that the people in the house and in the shed outside the house were so frightened that they stopped talking. They just stared at the female ghost walking towards the house step by step, and no one dared to escape. Not even a fluke mentality, no one can escape, death for them, at most is the question of who first, Qian Chunyang was buried alive, the little Taoist just efforts in vain,die casting parts, some people regret this, thinking anyway is a death, just when the little Taoist hugged the female ghost, if all together, may not have no chance to win, far better than in such a death, but the opportunity is fleeting. At that time, people were thinking about the female ghost being held, whether to escape or not,car radiator cap, until they saw that the escape only died faster, they regretted not taking action. The female ghost went inside again. Her face made people shudder. Her fingernails were shining with a red halo because of blood. It was like a sharp knife on her fingertips. She walked up to the little Taoist priest. Her bloody face showed what she thought was a charming smile. She said, "Xiaoshuai, wait for your sister to solve these scum and useless things here." Let your sister absorb enough energy, and she will take you away. The little Taoist turned pale and said, "If anyone goes with you, you can kill me if you have the ability. If you want me to go with you, you can dream." The female ghost said: "Dream is to do, you have personality I like, you with me naturally have your advantages, your understanding is high, good material, is the material of cultivating immortals, with me will let you cultivate immortals on the road to a higher level, because killing is mine, energy I will continue to lose to you, when I go to hell you become immortals, Investment casting parts ,socket screw plug, it is not an impossible thing." The female ghost finished, and went to her father, the old man again scared legs weak, paralyzed down, everyone's eyes are looking at the little Taoist, in the heart of envy, although the female ghost face ferocious, but if she washed clean, or a beautiful woman, do not have to die, but also can become immortal, suddenly, all the men present are envious, envy the little Taoist. There are even good-looking boys who deliberately make small movements to attract the attention of the female ghost when she passes by, but the female ghost walks towards her father without squinting and doesn't see anyone at all. I was tied into a ball by the female ghost with a rope and buried in the ground. I could see what was happening outside. I slowly absorbed the atmosphere in the pit. Because my body was curled and blocked by the soil, the speed of stretching slowed down a lot. Looking at the little Taoist holding the female ghost, I was worried that the female ghost would be the first to kill him, but she didn't. The female ghost chose to like him. As long as the female I don't need to worry for the time being. After so many things, my heart is much more indifferent. People who care about me, people who love me, I will care about them, love them, people who have nothing to do with me. I am no longer as loving as before, only for myself. This is what I should do in my second life. As a result, I concentrated on inhaling and restoring my body. My body kept expanding, but was restrained by the rope. first still disapprovingly,car radiator cap, until see the appearance of female ghost, he just knows I saved him, show grateful look to me. autoparts-dx.com

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