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Dan's needle

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The coat that covered them slipped aside, revealing her well-curved, snow-white cave body, which rose and fell with her breath, unresponsive to his call. Du Xiyan got up, put on his clothes, covered her with his coat, and picked up the Phoenix Needle and the Moon Soul Sword from the laughing scholar Xi Zifeng. He looked back at her deeply and then strode out of the hole. "When she wakes up, it's already noon tomorrow," she thought. Alas! She must have been mad and come to me at once, but I would have been hiding by then! Outside the night wind is quite cold, Du Xiyan calm down, temporarily put aside the cranky, identify the direction of the path, step out. He went back to the rock.. After only an hour's nap, Li Tianxiang arrived, when the sky had just brightened, and the four mountains were still hazy at dawn. Li Tien-hsiang looked at him and exclaimed, "You seem very tired." Du Xiyan cheered up and said with a smile, "I'm all right.." The heart can not help but think of last night's absurdity, suddenly ears fever. Li Tien-hsiang looked around and asked, 'Where is Miss Yun?' Du Xiyan had already thought about the dialogue and immediately said, "We are separated!" "Oh?" Li Tianxiang exclaimed. He was a veteran, so he didn't ask and waited for his own words. Du Xiyan said, "I'm not satisfied with some of her attitudes,x60 line pipe, so.." He paused and added, "But maybe I'll have to avoid her." Li Tianxiang understands tunnel: "That nature is better." He looked at him a few more times and said, "Have you ever fought?" Du Xiyan exclaimed, "Why did the real man ask such a question?" Li Tien-hsiang said, 'It seems that you have lost money in the yuan and have not been able to recover. In such a situation, it is most likely that you will start fighting and lose a lot of internal force. It's hard to recover. Du Xiyan nodded and said, "Yes, we've been fighting for a long time. We only rested for an hour before the real man came." As he spoke, he thought to himself,uns c70600, "As far as I know from reading medical books, no matter how crazy the friendship between men and women is, I should not be tired at my age and in my body. Besides, Li Zhenren is well-informed. If it is possible that he has lost his love for women, he will not conclude that it was caused by fighting.". It can be seen that such a phenomenon as mine is contrary to common sense. He could not help being surprised and felt that the situation was very serious. Besides reading a lot of books, he has also read a lot of other books. Therefore, I have heard a lot about the way of'collecting and supplementing ', and I can't help thinking about it at the moment. If Yunsanhua is proficient in the way of supplementing Yin and Yang, then the phenomenon of Du Xiyan's loss of Zhenyuan will become a matter of course, which is not surprising. However, although Du Xiyan had no experience at all, he also felt intuitively that he did not seem to have used the evil secret method of collecting supplements to himself. Li Tianxiang changed the subject. He said, "Last night, I had a secret meeting with brother Huihaidao. I learned a lot from him.." Du Xiyan was still thinking about his loss of Zhenyuan, so at this moment he just asked casually, "Do you really dare to tell Xiaoke?" "Yes, because some of it has something to do with you, x60 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe," said Li Tianxiang. Only then did Du Xiyan lift his spirits and say, "The real person, please speak. Xiao Ke listens respectfully." "You're too kind, Mr. Tu," said Li Tien-hsiang! Thanks to Mr. Du's help in this battle, the whole army was not wiped out. He paused for a moment and said, "Let's start with something about Mr. Du."! At present, all the masters know that Mr. Du has to pass on the unique skills of Tiangang, and they admire him very much. Du Xiyan said, "In fact, Xiao Ke's knowledge is very limited." Li Tien-hsiang said, "According to what my Martial Uncle told me in private, Mr. Du failed to master the uniqut the phoenix needle.." Du Xiyan was greatly interested and asked, "How is the Danfeng Needle?" Li Tianxiang said, "Although Xi Zifeng ordered Li Yuchen to press your whole body at that time,316ti stainless steel, no one knows how big the Danfeng needle is."? And you won't be sure of the results of the search. "How can they believe that they are not in my hands?" Said Du Xiyan. "I'll never believe it," said Li Tianxiang. "People are suspicious, you know."