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Cutting mat

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Cutting mat selection -what to look for when selecting a quality cutting mat:
Cutting mat questions:
Is the cutting mat self healing?
Cutting mats that are self healing are preferable, but some thick single ply cutting mats work well for extra large mats.
What is the thickness of the cutting mat? You want a cutting mat that is 3mm or thicker. Thinner cutting mats are not as durable. The thinner cutting mats have more of a plastic feel to them, and most are not a suitable mat to cut with using a straight blade knife. The mats thinner than 3mm can be cut through with a straight blade.Regardless of what industry one is working in, there are just some things that our fingers cannot grasp and our strength is just too weak to get the job done. Sometimes we need help of tools such as plier clamps to get a firm, strong grip on materials. Plier clamps, also known as squeeze action clamps, manual toggle clamps, or portable clamps, are used to firmly grasp objects. Common uses of plier clamps include:

  • Welding

  • Bending

  • CompressingPower saws have become standard equipment for many active do-it-yourselfers, but most can still make good use of a handsaw or two. For example, I own eight different types of power saws, but I still reach for a handsaw for many sawing jobs.

    Handsaws are especially useful for those who do an occasional home-repair or woodworking project but have little tool-storage space.

    Fortunately, handsaw-makers haven`t let the proliferation of power saws keep them from improving their products. One of the newer designs has oversize teeth that cut on both the forward and reverse strokes, resulting in faster cutting than most saws, which generally cut only on forward strokes.A hand drill is a manual tool that converts and amplifies circular motion of the crank into circular motion of a drill chuck. Though it has been replaced in most applications by power drills, the hand drill is used by many woodworkers.

    The hand drill consists of a cranking handle that turns pinion gears on the main shaft. A chuck at the end of the shaft holds a drill bit. The opposite end of the shaft has a second handle that is held stationary while the chuck turns. The drill bit is selected to cut a hole of a specific width, such as 3/8 inch; the size typically is inscribed on the bit's shaft.

    How to Safely Use a Hand DrillDo you know what each type of tweezers you own was made for? When it comes to tweezers, you’re probably most familiar with the eyebrow shaping type. But there are actually different types of tweezers all created for different tasks. You shouldn’t be using the same tweezers to remove a splinter as you do to sculpt your brows.

    A good tweezer set only needs three types to start: Slanted, curved, and precision. Each one is designed to do a different job. Regine tweezers create all three with expert precision and craftsmanship. Read on to see why these three types are essential for every household and what they’re used for.