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Comprehensively wear the natural phoenix destiny

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Only Fang Yu's eyes widened, and his eyeballs almost didn't pop out. Flat peach?!! Fang Yu exclaimed, "is this a flat peach?"? Is it the flat peach in the garden of the Queen Mother?! What is the Queen Mother? Xuanxiao Liansheng and Chonglou had a question mark in their hearts at the same time. Li Cangyao chuckled and looked at Fang Yu, who was short of breath, and said, "Yes, it's the flat peaches in the garden of the Queen Mother. I picked them myself." "I.." Fang Yu's face turned red with excitement and he was breathing heavily, which really made people worry about whether he would die in the next moment because he was out of breath. You can't blame Fang Yu for being so excited. Flat peaches are quite famous. In myths and legends, flat peaches are the things of the Queen Mother. If you eat them, you can live forever. With trembling hands, he carefully held the flat peaches in his hands, not daring to eat them. Finally, the Demon Respect Building could not see past and directly stuffed the flat peaches into his mouth. He finally ate them, but when he ate them, his face was full of tears and happiness, and he looked a little sad. Li Cangyao could not bear to look directly: "Is it so exaggerated?"? Isn't it just a flat peach? For Li Cangyao, who has countless treasures, a flat peach from the higher world is not too precious. For her, it is at most more delicious and more spiritual. But it has been able to supplement her spiritual power. Invite Master, you don't understand, this is a flat peach! I can eat flat peaches in my lifetime, and I will die without regret. "Fang Yu said with a lisp while eating flat peaches desperately:" Well.. It's so sweet and delicious. Fang Yu's eating made all the people present feel helpless, especially the magic respect building, but also felt very humiliated, after all, people are brought by him. Because today is Xuanxiao's wedding, the Demon Respect Building has not been disappointed to propose to compete with Xuanxiao, but he did stay here. Fang Yu was still very confused about why Li Cangyao came to this world,water bottling line, so he looked for an opportunity to meet Li Cangyao and asked the questions that had not been answered before again. Li Cangyao glanced at him with a smile, reached out to him, and the system that had been hidden in his body was pulled out by her in the palm of her hand. She looked at Fang Yu's system, which she had dragged in her hand, and looked up and down curiously. She didn't find anything wrong and then returned the system to the other party. Then she said to Fang Yu, "Don't ask me to invite the moon any more. I'm no longer inviting the moon. I'm calling Li Cangyao for my teacher's name. You have to remember that." "Oh," Fang Yu suddenly nodded: "I have long known that master you are not ordinary people, master you are really fierce, even like me can cross ah." At the beginning, because of the task, Fang Yu met Li Cangyao, who was then the master of the Flower Palace, but he was caught by the other party as soon as he met him. At that time, he knew that his master was not an ordinary person. After all, water filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, can ordinary people conjure up things? Can ordinary people grow so many magical ingredients? Can ordinary people turn the whole palace into a paradise? Master, that is definitely the legendary reclusive master! Seeing her again now, Fang Yu firmly believed that Li Cangyao was a reclusive master. He stayed by Li Cangyao's side and acted like a spoiled child. He kept complaining about how "inhuman" his system was, how maddening it was, and why those tasks were so strange. Li Cangyao laughed while listening to Fang Yu's complaints, especially when he heard the content of the task he said. At the same time, he also had some sympathy for Fang Yu. He smiled and patted Fang Yu on the head and said: "Haha, well, don't be wronged. Since you don't want to do those tasks, can I help you get rid of them?" She had just checked the sat he knew, at the same time threw him a space bracelet, directly to help his soul bound, theng Yu fell down. The magic respect building caught Fang Yu for the first time. However, at this time, Fang Yu had no breath, no heartbeat,PET bottle Mold, and seemed to be dead. As soon as Demon Respect Building saw it, he was so angry that the evil spirit on his body was released unconsciously. He stared at Li Cangyao coldly. His voice was cold and full of murderous intent: "What are you doing?!!" Chonglou directly split the past with one hand. Stop it! Xuanxiao and Liansheng joined hands to block the angry blow of Chonglou, and for a time the three of them fought together. gzxilinear.com