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Bone-eroding danger

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"Let go." Shen Yi was even more disgusted. "What are you waiting for? Lock her up." He gave a cold shout to the man beside him. Chapter 60 you give the pain but still come to sprinkle salt on your own. As soon as Jane Tong slept, she didn't wake up until the afternoon. Maybe she was too tired. Maybe she was really burning badly. Her body was very weak. When she woke up and opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the white ceiling. At the moment, she was still in a fog and did not know where she was. Are you awake? A magnetic sound suddenly sounded. Jane's heart trembled and she turned her head subconsciously. Next to her bed, the man was sitting gracefully on a chair with a document in his hand. When Jian Tong looked over, it was just right. The man's long and narrow phoenix eyes were slightly raised. He briefly raised his eyes from the document in his hand and glanced at himself: "Are you hungry?" Asked, he withdrew his sight and fell back into the document in his hand. Jian Tong's lips were dry. She turned her head and looked around. "Mr. Shen sent me to the hospital. Thank you, Mr. Shen. I'm sorry for causing trouble to Mr. Shen." Shen Xiujin holds the hand of the document, suddenly a force, how he feels, this rough sound, how to let him listen so uncomfortable. Thank you, Mr. Shen, for causing trouble to Mr. Shen. I'm sorry, Mr. Shen. Besides these, does she have no other words to say to herself? The man did not speak, and Jane Tong lowered her eyes and did not look at him. "Brush pull", the sound of paper turning. "Brush-pull" again. Brush pull, brush pull, brush pull.. Shen Xiujin does not speak,smartboard for business, Jane Tong does not speak, is always looking through the document. Embarrassment, and a touch of harmony. Weird atmosphere, no one to break. In the end, Jane Tong couldn't help it. General Manager Shen. She opened her lips and gave a little cry. The man beside the hospital bed was doing his own thing and did not respond to her call. Jian Tong: "… …" After a while, Jian Tong lost his composure even more: "General Manager Shen?" This time, the voice is a little louder. But the only thing that responded to her was a "brush pull", a slight sound of paper turning pages. ……” Passed a little while again: "Shen total??" This time,digital interactive whiteboard, the voice was finally louder. What's the matter? The man put down the document in his hand and gracefully swept it to Jane Tong with a half-raised eyebrow. Qin Mu, is she all right? Boom! Explode! Shen Xiujin again good self-cultivation and endurance, at the moment is also under the power of Jane Tong this sentence, exploded! "Jane Tong, are you too much for the Virgin Mary?"? When you wake up like this, you care about others? Jian Tong bit his lip and looked at Shen Xiujin seriously: "Shen Zong is wrong. I intercede for her. What I beg is that Shen Zong will leave her a life and a healthy body.". As for the rest, General Manager Shen, it's up to you. "I thought you were old enough to be good friends and sisters with people who hurt you all the time." Man's words are naked sarcasm. Jian Tong did not refute, but looked at Shen Xiujin very seriously: "She is your employee, and Shen can punish her.". I only ask General Manager Shen to spare her life this time. As for the future, she Qin Mu Mu and where to provoke Shen Zong, Shen Zong how to deal with how to deal with. I promise I will never intercede for her again. Once again, she stressed that: "I don't want to owe anyone another life in my life." That kind of feeling is like carrying a huge debt. Shen Xiujin looked at the woman on the bed with a complicated look. Have you finally admitted it, Jane Tong? "Do you finally admit that you owe someone a life?" "Jane Tong, interactive panel board ,65 inch touch screen, don't admit it." "Jane Tong, if you can bite your teeth and refuse to admit it three years ago, you won't admit it even if you come out three years later." 'What's The matter? Can't stand the torture in your heart? Jane Tong drooped her eyelids, and her eyelashes covered the indifference of her eyes and everything outside. This, three years ago Shen Xiujin and his own words, she will explain, will be desperate to explain. But today, three years later, she won't. Jian Tong is not Jiade people feel uncomfortable: "It's superfluous to explain or not to explain." Her eyes suddenly fell on Shen Xiujin: "Or, General Manager Shen, where do you want to throw me again?"? How long is tIf I can't pay it off, I will continue to pay it off in my next life. If I still can't pay it off, then I will continue to pay it back. There will always be a day when I can pay it back." She did not say: "I owe a life, but it has nothing to do with Xia Weiming.". Because she had already said it, and he didn't believe it. General Manager Shen, what time is it? "Half past five." Jane Tong said, "Oh, I have to go to work." With these words,86 smart board, he lifted the quilt and prepared to get out of bed. Holding her down with one hand, Shen Xiujin said, "You are granted sick leave today." "I don't need it." hsdsmartboard.com