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Big Wild Dust Frost-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Jin Shen said slowly, "Yes, I was so worried at first, and then I thought, we can't always wait to be beaten like this. At least we have to find out the details of each other. Wouldn't it be better if we could take further measures?"? Now Xie Baoshan is a way, follow the way to find out, not afraid of no clue, put this boy like a grandfather firmly in there is too cheap for him! Zhan Ruochen hesitated for a moment and said, "I don't know this Xie, and I don't know where he lives. Landlord, please ask one of Brother Yi or Brother Yan to do this. I believe he can do it. Isn't it much more convenient than me?" "If I don't send them," said Jin Shenwuheng, "I'm afraid they'll miss something. If I go to dig out Xie Baoshan's bottom, I have to have a first principle. I want to achieve my goal, but I can't get wind of it. I've estimated that I can rest assured only if you do it; The'Flying Dragon and Ten Guards' are a few pieces of material, and they can fight hard. They are clumsy with a little ingenuity. How can they compare with you? "Since you can trust me," said Zhan Ruochen, "I will obey your orders." "The small tent is not far from here," said Jin Shenwuheng. "Go out from the gate, go left, go down along the bluestone road, the corridor bridge, and the building made of red bricks." "Does Xie Baoshan live among them?" Asked Zhan Ruochen. "There are three deacons in the small bookkeeping room," said Jinshen Wuheng. "Xie Baoshan is one of them. The downstairs of the small red brick building is where the cashier is. Upstairs there is a cabinet for storing money. The three of them also live above." "Are there any other guards?" Asked Zhan Ruochen. With a smile, Jin Shenwuheng said, "Of course there are. It seems that there are two watchmen on duty. But as far as the ability of these two watchmen is concerned, it will not hinder you at all. You will be in no man's land." Embarrassed,Small Geared Motors, Zhan Ruochen said, "It's a good thing I was ordered by the landlord to act. Otherwise, if I go in and out of the important place of money, I'm afraid it will be difficult to wash away the evil suspicion." Jin Shenwuheng smiled and said, "You've looked at yourself, too. Zhan Ruochen, with you, is the amount of money in that small tent enough for you to spend time on a trip?"? "It's really a clean search, and no one will believe that your appetite is so small!" Moistening his lips,brushless gear motor, Zhan Ruochen said, "Xie Baoshan, Landlord, what kind of image is it?" Jin Shen said without a trace. Thin and small, with a yellow face, about forty years old, thin nose and narrow forehead, you can recognize it at a glance. Zhan Ruochen said, "Please tell me how to force him to confess."? In what way is it appropriate to dispose of it afterwards? Jin Shen smiled without trace. It was a kind of formalized muscle involvement without any emotion. What flashed in her phoenix eyes was not a wave of light, but a solidified murder: "You are an expert, aren't you?"? There's no need to ask me, just do what you think is the best way, and do what you think is the best way to do it. Only, end, don't leak the news. "Just in case.." said Zhan Zhuchen. Landlord? Jin Shen raised his eyebrows and asked, "What if?" "I mean," said Zhan Ruochen, "if Xie Baoshan is innocent, he can't be totally indiscriminate. ” "Of course, 12v High Torque Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox," said Jin Shenwuheng, "he thinks he's innocent and shouldn't be punished. Zhan Ruochen, I think you must have a lot of experience and insight into the division of truth and falsehood. Few people can fool you, eh?" Zhan Ruochen seemed to smile and said, "What I'm afraid of is that after being loyal and discerning, no matter good or bad, this person will have to take off his skin. If he is rebellious, he deserves it. If this person is wronged, wouldn't it be bad luck to eat a meal of life?" Jin Shenwuheng said lightly, "This is also a matter of no way. Who told him to get involved in this trouble?"? If he doesn't lose his life, his ancestors will have accumulated virtue. He will have high incense, suffer a little tiredness, and suffer a little hardship. How can it p by step, do not penetrate the slightest gap, this road, about a dead alley! With a sigh of relief, he strode away, thinking that it was a dead alley,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and that he had to try to dig out and see if he could suddenly get through. After crossing the small bridge, the two-story red brick building was in front of us. The bluestone road was winding to the door of the small building. There were two rings of poplars planted around the small building. The wind was blowing and the branches were shaking. At a glance, it was quite elegant. ichgearmotor.com