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Back to wall toilets

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Back to wall toilets come in a range of designs to suit any bathroom, and they are a great option for creating a sleek, modern look. If you’re planning a new bathroom and wondering which toilet to choose, a back to wall design has many benefits, and is a great alternative to the standard close coupled toilet. In this buyer’s guide we uncover all there is to know about back to wall toilets, to help you determine if this style is the right choice for your bathroom. Read on to discover more.

A back to wall toilet is where the pan is fitted fully to the wall or against a specially designed cistern unit. The cistern and all plumbing work is hidden in the wall or the unit, which provides a much neater finish to your bathroom. This creates a clean, contemporary look and is also a space saving solution for small bathrooms and en-suites too. At BigBathroomShop, all back to wall toilets are supplied with a soft close seat, so no more accidental bangs and slams.Custom Heights

There is not much you can do to customize the height of a floor-mounted toilet. They do come in a couple of different options: standard height and comfort height (which is a few inches higher). A wall-mounted toilet can provide greater flexibility since it can be mounted at whatever height you would like.

Easy to Clean
Since a wall-mounted toilet sits above the floor, clean-up is a breeze. With no difficult or impossible to reach spaces, you can more quickly and thoroughly clean.bathroom.

This is perhaps the style of toilet you will most commonly find in the UK these days. Close coupled toilets have the cistern attached to the toilet bowl, creating one streamlined unit which combines both essential parts. The pipes are hidden within the casings of the toilet and their compact nature means they are perfect for fitting into small or awkward spaces. For example, if there is a minor recess in your bathroom wall, having a close coupled toilet fitted in there may make the most of the space. These toilets are both quick and easy to have installed, making them ideal for any bathroom suite.

In terms of price, these range from as little as £60 up to around £500 at the higher end of the spectrum. Typically, the most common price range is between £200 and £300; it is always wise to invest in quality for a product that could last for such a long time.If you’ve never shopped for a toilet before, you might be surprised to learn there are different types. Here we’ll discuss the differences between the two most common types of toilets — one piece and two piece — and help you decide which to choose.

It’s simple: A two piece toilet has a separate tank and bowl, while a one piece is all connected. But there are other differences, too. One piece toilets are typically heavier and easier to clean, and there’s less space for bacteria to grow. Because two piece toilets feature a detachable tank, they’re more customizable for preferred styles and heights.What happens if you encounter an issue with your toilet? In most cases, you can lift the cisterns and access the internals through there. However, with a wall hung toilet things are a bit different. A wall mounted toilet needs to be installed with flush plate. These plates very simply lift off and provide all the access you will ever need to the concealed cistern behind.

Wall hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the world. They boast many benefits compared to a conventional toilet which we will discuss in today's article. There are a number of considerations to make before buying one for your bathroom suite. Read on to find out more.