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Ba Hai Xin Xiang

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Lady Jade Fan was originally an elf, a wise and resourceful person. If it weren't for Wu Hualong's foresight, she really didn't think of this. Picking up her eyebrows, she was stunned for a moment and said with a smile, "Yes, you're very thoughtful." Wu Hualong frowned and said, "But I really can't figure it out. Who else would know that you and I would meet here?" Lady Yufan hesitated for a moment and said, "If it weren't for Yazhen, then it would only be Granny Yu." Wu Hualong nodded and said crisply, "Yes!"! It must be her ” "Lady Yufan sniggered and thought," I don't believe it. You really think so. As usual, she was stunned and said, "In that case, can we still carry out our plan?" "Never change it," said Wu Hualong. Lady Jade Fan frowned and said, "Since she's dealing with us like this, it serves to show that she doesn't believe us at all. Can we still throw ourselves into the trap?" Wu Hualong said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. Believing is another thing, and needing is another thing. Fortunately, we haven't left any suspicious traces on the three stars of the funeral gate. Even though we are suspicious of each other, there won't be any sharp conflict. As for the future evolution, it only depends on our respective magical powers." Lady Yufan nodded and said,Silver Travertine Slabs, "You're right. Then I'll go back now." Wu Hualong shook his head and said, "Don't go back too fast. You'd better stay outside for another two or three days before you go back. That's more like it's true." "It's a lie," said Lady Yufan. "Why bother?" "Even a fake play has to be real," said Wu Hualong. In the laughter, Wu Hualong suddenly floated away. Lady Yufan originally wanted to find time to see Jane Youqing, but after seeing Wu Hualong's way of dealing with the three stars of the funeral gate, she could not help being very careful, so she decided not to look for Jane Youqing. She only wandered aimlessly outside for two days,Artificial Marble Slabs, then turned back to Tiandu Valley and reported to her mother-in-law. As soon as Granny Yu heard that Lady Yu Fan had caught Wu Hualong, she praised Lady Yu Fan and asked, "What did Wu Hualong say after you saw him?"? Would you like to cooperate with us? ?” "He didn't agree at first," said Lady Yufan. "Later, after repeated analysis and persuasion by the younger generation, he agreed. But he has three conditions. He wants you to agree." Granny Yu hesitated for a moment and said, "What are the conditions?" "First," said Mrs. Wang Fan, "he is in the second place. Second, he has a grudge against Li Zhongyuan. He wants you to support him with all your strength! Third He wants his wife to preside over the matter of Tiandu Valley. "Neither the second nor the third is a problem," said Granny Yu. "The old man can promise him completely. As for the first condition? It seems that his own weight is not enough. I can't just say yes. Lady Jade Fan said, "Although his real kungfu is a little inferior to today's top masters, his ability to use poison is the best in the world. If you take his strong points, the second chair will be justified, and no one will be convinced." Granny Yu smiled and said, White Marble Mosaic ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "To tell you the truth, I prefer you to take the second place. I'd better give him a third place." Lady Yufan gave a snigger and said, "Elder, the younger generation is very grateful for this hospitality. However, as far as the overall situation is concerned, the younger generation is willing to retire to the third place in order to promote the alliance between the two sides." "Isn't that too unfair to you?" Asked Granny Yu. "The younger generation is satisfied to be in the third place," said Lady Yufan. "What a grievance!" Granny Yu nodded and said, "Since you said that, you can inform him and ask him to come face to face." Lady Yufan said, "The younger generation has already made an appointment with him to send a contact signal. Please ask the elder generation to send someone at random." With these words, she told her mother-in-law the contact signal face to face, and her mother-in-law ordered someone to send the signal out. After talking about official business, the smiling mother-in-law changed the subject and said, "Peipei, come and see if the old man can arrange a place for you to stay." Said, unexpectedly personally got up, took the jade fan lady out of the hall, through a long corridor, in the flowers, into a very unique Jingshe. In Jingshe, there are not only the rooms of Xiaojin and other four girls, but also a seat for Lao Jin. That is to say, she gave the Jade Fan Lady a world of her own, and she ce anything to say, come straight to the point." Li Zhongyuan shook his head and said, "To be honest, there's really nothing wrong." "It's nothing," said Lady Yufan. "What are you doing here?" "But I have something to tell you," said Li Zhongyuan. "What are you talking about?" Asked Lady Yufan. Li Zhongyuan said,White Marble Slabs, "There is nothing terrible about the people around you. Only Qin Yazhen, who grew up with you, you should be especially careful." Lady Yufan was stunned. "What do you mean?" She asked. forustone.com