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Application of Rectification Technology in

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Original Title: Introduction to Application of Distillation Technology in Chemical Plant Introduction: In the production of pharmacy and fine chemical industry, there are often many liquid phase or vapor phase mixtures that need to be separated or purified. Distillation technology has become the most widely used and largest mass transfer separation process. Today, I will tell you about the types of distillation and illustrate the process flow in actual production. Distillation technology is a process in which the mixture is separated by multiple partial vaporization and multiple partial condensation under a certain pressure, so as to obtain the part close to the pure state. The distillation process in industrial production is a process in which the partial gasification process and the partial condensation process are organically combined in the distillation column. The distillation operation is divided into continuous operation and batch operation, and the equipment used is similar. It mainly comprises a rectifying tower, T1 tower enters the toluene recovery tower (T2), the qualified toluene product is obtained at the bottom of the tower,cbd centrifugal extractor, and the material at the top of the tower returns to the bottom of the T1 tower.of the reaction section respectively, and fully contact and react in the reaction section,winterization filtration, so that the target product and reactant are separated in time. Adsorption distillation Adsorptive The crystallization rectification is used for separating isomers of MDI, and the MDI has three isomers of 2,4 '-MDI4,4' -MDI and 2,2 '-MDI, wherein, molecular distillation systems ,thin film distillation, the MDI-100 refers to the MDI containing 4,4' -MDI with the purity of more than 99%, and the MDI-50 refers to 2,4 '-MDI and 4, 4  C9 resin hydrogenation, DCPD resin hydrogenation, rosin and its resin,50l rotovap, PAO polyalphaolefin, oil hydrogenation and so on. The latest chemical consulting, please click to follow me! Information source of this article | Environmental Protection Chemical Platform Please contact us if there is any violation or infringement. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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