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After rebirth, I learned to hold my thighs.

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"The young lady was so confident that she probably knew she would come out safely." Lou Xiayan curled his lips and threw the key up and down. " The person who made the financial statement has been taken away, but she insists that she was ordered and instructed by Gong Ruyi to tamper with the figures, and Gong Ruyi can not prove that the other party is perjury, the situation seems very unfavorable to her. What was in the mysterious safe to assure her that she would be able to return safe and sound? If this evidence is so important.. Is that, secretly Jing Qingan side will try to destroy the evidence, so that Gong Ruyi can not prove his innocence? There were only four keys, and indeed they were in the hands of Gong Ruyi's four most powerful subordinates. Then there are only two possibilities: either someone has already targeted the key in their hands,hot tub spa manufacturers, or one of the four of them has already been bribed to defect. 120, Chapter 120.. After sorting out this thread, Wei Tian relaxed instead. First of all, he knows that he is not a traitor and can rule out a candidate. The rest are Lou Xiayan, Tan Zheng,whirlpool hot tub spa, and Yu Yan. Tan Zheng and Gong Ruyi are childhood sweethearts. They are honest and are born and raised in the capital. The whole family is rooted in the capital. They are blue-blooded families. The suspicion is very small. Lou Xiayan and Yu Yan, who have criminal records, are the most suspected side by side. In connection with the quarrel in the car just now, Lou Xiayan seems to look a little more suspicious than Yu Yan, who is more like the man who pinched Lou Xiayan's handle and painful feet. Staring at Lou Xiayan or Yu Yan? Or rather.. Keep an eye on the safe? Tong Jinqiu became the only person to hear Wei Tian's inference, and he crossed his legs inscrutably. You think a lot. "The young lady made it clear that you were credible." Wei Tian sat opposite Tong Jinqiu. "At present, you are the best person to discuss." "Did she say that?" Tong Jinqiu touched his lips interestingly. "Let's just say that Gong Ruyi does have something I want in her hand, and I need her help to pull out the hidden stake in Tong's flesh, but I've already told you that." "The young lady's plan will not be so simple." "Exactly." Tong Jinqiu raised his eyebrows, pointed to Wei Tian, garden jacuzzi tub ,outdoor endless pool, and laughed.   The question is where Jing Qingan is hiding and how he can contact his accomplices. Gong Ruyi has almost summed up the latter question. Every time she gets a little more information from the listener, she can narrow down the area on the map. Tong Jinqiu's hands had been quietly sent out, and only the moment she left the hostel could she turn Jing Qingan's lair upside down. The question is,4 person jacuzzi, Tong Jinqiu's side of the mole is really calm, and has not yet jumped out to attack Tong Jinqiu? Gong Ruyi rubbed his neck and heard Jingchuan lying on the bed. When he had finished his day's work, he put his pen and paper aside and went to the bathroom. If you can hear.. Jingchuan's dreamy voice came into her ears. Gong Ruyi stopped. monalisa.com