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A strange dream

2022-10-18 02:23   Automobiles   Say   27 views

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The bandits were shot dead one by one, but only two of the hostages were killed by mistake. A minute and a second passed, Kaneda's character was unharmed, and Akagawa felt incredible. After a long time, Jin Tian jumped out of the game screen sweating profusely and threw his sore hands desperately. Awesome! Jin Tianyi is as excited as a child. Akagawa was greatly surprised and said,cosmetic plastic tube, "Why have you suddenly made so much progress?!" Kaneda grinned and said, "I just closed my eyes and was trying to remember the way you shot. Not only your gesture of shooting, but also your dynamic vision that looked very scattered but actually very focused. I tried to simulate all this on my body to play games, but I didn't expect the effect to be surprisingly good." Akagawa touched Kaneda's head and said, "You are not only smart, but also magic!" Kaneda smiled and said, "Magic head!"! It can only be said that I am usually observant and have super learning ability! Akagawa stuck out his tongue and said,cosmetic tube, "Then why did you rely on cheating and bribery to pass the target practice when you were in the police Academy?" Kaneda looked at the game gun and said, "*** me. I just don't like shooting. Besides, I can't shoot a real gun." Puzzled, Akagawa said, "Is the recoil too strong?" Kaneda nodded and looked at Akagawa's strong and thick wrists and said, "My strength and wrist strength are very small. When I hold a real gun, my whole hand always feels numb and even painful. After a few shots, it turns into bullets flying around." Akagawa picked up the game gun and said, "Or you can take the game gun to the first floor." Kaneda punched Akagawa on the bridge of his nose and made him cry. "Hey, you can sleep in the garden tonight," he said. The next day, Akagawa and Kaneda, eye cream packaging tube ,pump tube, acting on a long-buried tip from an informant, led Team C to uncover the pomelo gang's arms depot in the Bayshore underground ballroom. There were more than 50 powerful hk53 and hk33k small submachine guns at the scene, as well as 14 CZ75 submachine pistols with sufficient ammunition. Even better, there were as many as 200 grenades. Akagawa played with the heavy grenade and said, "What is the pomelo gang thinking?"? Is it all crazy? Kaneda looked at the list of confiscated munitions copied by Oda and replied, "I've seen them fight for big penises crazily that night. Indeed, they are a group of absolute madmen.". ” Akagawa looked at the table full enough to organize into a guerrilla arms, said: "Pomelo gang to do so many arms ah?"? Besides, what we found this time is only a part of the arms hidden by the pomelo gang. Wow, this is really strange. Rabbit, tell me, why is it so strange for the pomelo gang to spend so much money on buying these arms that are not used at all? Kaneda hesitated for a moment and said, "Don't you think the Pomelo Gang is not an underworld gang at all?" Akagawa picked up the tartar and stuck the yellow and white tartar on the trigger of the hk53 submachine gun, saying, "How to say?"? It's not a gang that has ghosts! Smiling, Kaneda knocked on the table with a cucumber and said: "a typical large-scale gang will run many Kaneda. Want to ask for leave? Akagawa also looked at Norika. Norika finally said, "Did you get that email?" Akagawa said, "No,plastic packing tube, what email?" One side of Oda also said: "Yes, what fun email?" Norika turned on the computer and said, "I was the only one left when you went out to check the Arsenal. I received a strange email at that time. Do you also go to the Internet to see if you have received it?" emptycosmetictubes.com

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